A Pathway to Asgardís Secrets



Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz Raido Kenaz Gebo Wunjo

Hagalaz Nauthiz Isa Jera Eihwaz Pertho Algiz Sowulo

Teiwaz Berkana Ehwaz Mannaz Laguz Inguz Othila Dagaz






Imagine yourself sitting at the World Tree. Urdís Well is in sight, seething of magic, and you can see the Norns in their dark shrouds of immateriality waiting for you.


At the Well, a Rainbow ends, and you can see how gods descend from it. The Aesir connect themselves to your world of everyday awareness. Do you accept their Challenge and become an Einherjan, a Valkyrja? They are ready. Are you?


The Aesir hold the Runes in their hands. They wield them as cosmic principles with which they construct the reality that we perceive. Their ideas become real as the Norns ingrain the divine information in the roots of the tree and nurse it with the creative waters of life from the holy Well.


Your efforts will bear fruit.


Enter the Doors of Valhalla





Ansuz Laguz Uruz